“Michael was well-suited to this job.  He became part of the team, investing much more time in the process than we had understood would be needed up front. He was always present and prepared when those interesting events occurred, moments that were never precisely scheduled. And he seemed prepared with the equipment that suited the shots. Michael dedicated more effort than we expected, but the results were a greater than expected product.”
–Jim Folsom
Director at The Huntington Botanical Gardens

Crafted with care, wonder and expertise, I photograph, direct and produce construction and industrial time-lapse narrative short films. The hallmark of any great production is thoughtful attention to details, large and small. As a professional time-lapse producer, I am crazy for this type of work and am obsessed with getting it right. I deliver great content because that’s what I do.

I’ve been working in the industrial and construction sector for several years and am having the time of my life. This showcase reel provides a look at the variety of projects and degree of difficulty I’m often asked to step into. When possible I like to include group portraits of as many personnel as I can for each film.

Your story told here

Time-lapse films are great for community outreach and new business development needs. Using current technology and old school photographic techniques we deliver results regardless of the environment. Let’s tell the stories you want told with beautiful stories that inform, engage and entertain. Together we’ll accomplish a lot.

 Extraordinary work is waiting for you. Let’s discuss your next project. Call 818-422-0696. Or fill out the “Contact Us” form on the right.

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Michael e. Stern
The Visual Sage

“…improvisation within an aggregate of formal rules…”