Working in a documentary style format, we’re here to support and promote our clients communication goals using high level customized visual arts
as the platform for their success. We do this by offering expertise in editorial photography, time lapse narratives and real time video stories.

location photography examples by photographer Michael e. Stern

Random examples of the Visual Sage…

Good photographs demand attention. They get you emotionally involved. They are memorable. Successful stories evolve from countless small decisions made correctly. I love images. I love making them. I love working with people to tell the stories they need told. You need photographs to solve a problem or achieve a goal. My photography does that for you; I take something simple and make the best version possible…

I guarantee three things in the stories I build for you: gorgeous compositions, beautiful light and great emotion. I understand your needs. You need a thinker, a doer, a self-motivated decision maker who is technically excellent, artistically appreciative, affordable, flexible, reliable, trustworthy and has a sense of humor. I keep the big picture in mind while concentrating on the details for you. A true boutique experience. Crafted for you by me.

Using current technologies and old school photographic techniques I deliver results regardless of lighting environment. Let’s tell the stories you want told with beautiful narratives that inform, engage and entertain…together we’ll accomplish a lot.

• Time Lapse Narratives

“Michael has a great eye and an amazing toy box that can bring any project to life through the beauty of motion time lapse photography–from short demonstrations to long-term, large scale projects.”
–Ken Winkler

• Professional Headshots

“Michael is efficient. For our initial photo shoot, he set up a studio in our conference room to provide a smooth schedule for our staff. As we have added staff and/or updated pictures, Michael has invited us to his personal studio, which is a clean and comfortable environment.”
–Haley J. Eckhart Vice President, Freeman & Mills

 I've photographed all kinds of business professionals, and they all look terrific!

• Editorial Portraits

“Of course, Michael is a perfectionist willing to do what it takes to get a great shot. But what has always impressed me about Michael’s process is that his photographs don’t just represent what you look like, they help you express who you are. It’s that passion and commitment to the end result that makes him a pleasure to work with, and the reason he has been my go-to photographer for so many years.”
–Kevin Susman founder, Storm Cellar

Editorial portraiture is one of Michael e. Stern's favorite catagories.

Extraordinary work is waiting for you….let’s discuss your next project. I can be reached at 818-422-0696. Or use the “Contact Us” form on the right.

Michael e. Stern
The Visual Sage