“Michael was well-suited to this job.  He became part of the team, investing much more time in the process than we had understood would be needed up front. He was always present and prepared when those interesting events occurred, moments that were never precisely scheduled. And he seemed prepared with the equipment that suited the shots. Michael dedicated more effort than we expected, but the results were a greater than expected product.”
Jim Folsom
Director at The Huntington Botanical Gardens

per • se • ver • ance

 Steadfastness, tenacity, determination, patience, diligence, dedication & commitment.


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The Fabulous Forum Ring Lift The Landscape Process
DLBA: The Loop TimeLapseCover



Stop Motion Time Lapse - Lil Mule Time Lapse - Rugby Time Lapse Kaleidoscope Chickens!
BBQ Assembly
Fireworks - Rose Bowl 2012