“Michael’s attention to detail is tremendous and is safety conscious in and around our active construction site. He’s also very prompt with appointments, kept us in the loop, has a great work ethic and always wants the best outcome for our project. We especially love his rover and aerial work. Michael was up front with his costs and expense and that made it easier for us to engage his services.
–Jeffrey Baran
Chandler’s Sand & Gravel. Assistant Real Estate and Planning

While on the job, I make every effort to ensure that all workers appearing in the scene wear the correct PPE so you can post without concern.

OSHA certified for General Industry Safety and Health.

Additional safety trainings:

  1.    Fall Protection
  2.    Tunnel Safety Operations
  3.    Track Allocations 1 and 2
  4.    PUC Electrified Track

We’re certified as a small business enterprise by the Department of General Services of California. #2013818

DUNS:  065972455  

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