My Why

As a kid, dirt and trucks mattered to me. Playing construction man in the back yard, I built buildings, made up stories and got lost in the fantasy. Loved it.

In 1968 I viewed my first time-lapse film at Disneyland. It was a 366-frame, 16mm color film called “Building Sleeping Beauty’s Castle In A Year And A Day”. By then I was well into my photography journey and knew enough to appreciate the investment of time required to make a film over a 366 day period: every day a photographer climbed up a tall ladder, held the camera steady, took one picture and climbed down. Repeated this task 365 times, didn’t make a mistake and lined up all the pictures perfectly! It was magical. I was hooked. Had the details completely wrong but I was hooked!

My Work

My time-lapse work began in 2011 at the world famous Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens. Since then private and public entities like the Port of Long Beach, City of Pasadena, Madison Square Garden, Mitsubishi and LMU have all punched my dance card.

I think like an artist, shoot like a director and edit like a storyteller. I show up often, arrive early and stay late to capture the intricate dance that is the building process. To witness building history, to be able to document it for the world, in an artistic and enduring way, is my good fortune.

So the next time you’re looking to acquire GR8 construction visuals, hire the kid who loves trucks and dirt!


Working in the documentary style storytelling format, we’re here to support and promote our client’s communication needs using high level customized visual arts as the medium for success. Employing technically excellent, consistently creative photography, time lapse and live-action videos are how we achieve this.


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