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2011 Rose Bowl Time-Lapse of Fireworks Show

July 4, 2011

Here is the sequence I shot last night. I rendered the frames out at a much higher rate than I thought I would (10 frames per second vs. 2 frames per second) and I like it. The challenge was finding the right tempo music. Garage Band had what I needed. Enjoy.


Time Lapse Photography

We saw, we became mesmerized, and then we ate.

The fourth has passed and we are definitely into summertime mode. This image is one of 646 jpegs I made of the fireworks show at the Rose Bowl. My family spent the evening at a friends home which overlooks the bowl. I shot from this vantage point last year too. But this time I altered the length of time the shutter was open (4 seconds) and the interval of time between exposures (5 seconds). My challenge now is to set the frame rate for the time-lapse movie. So far I have removed 95 frames from my take and I’m still not done.

It takes a bit of time to finesse a time lapse especially when the sequence has already been taken. As you can imagine since there are no second chances with a fireworks show I made an educated guess as to what might work, based on last years shoot. Last year I made an exposure every 2 seconds and although I was able to make a rather smooth movie, it lacked soul. I’m hoping this year I’ve made a more interesting presentation.

Stay tuned, it will be posted soon.

See ya!

Here is the link to the Rose Bowl time-lapse.