An information packed and entertaining look at crucial elements from my perspective as a working time lapse short film maker. Historical perspective, (do you know what’s considered the first time lapse film?) selected examples of camera moves, clips from completed projects and lots of graphics illustrate what you should know when determining the route for your next project.

Key points. (IMHO)

01)  Historical perspective

02)  Reasons for time lapse

Time Lapse Short Film

03)  The Fabulous Forum

04)  Cameras and motion control devices

05)  Dolly shot set up

Time Lapse Short Film

06)  The Rose Bowl


07)  Motion control clips

08)  Edited camera files

09)  Ideas


10)  Birds eye view

Video and Time Lapse

11)  The Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project

12)  Cost factors

13)  A testimonial

14)  Applause and additional resources


A podcast interview I did with my friend Nigel Merrick over at zenologue: time lapse business generation tips

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