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Time & Flexibility & Patience

Australia from the Car

Australia from the car

In the past when a client issue, vendor problem or business opportunity made its way onto my radar, I wanted to resolve the issue, problem or opportunity immediately if not sooner, clear it off my “books” to 100% satisfaction and then move on without any lingering effects. I wanted to deal with these tasks in the order they came in, resolve them one at a time in linear fashion, go one to the next thing and not deal with it again. Ha! every time it didn’t happen that way frustration, anxiety and anger crept into my head and planted their respective flags. As a result I have a lot of holes up there. Too bad I don’t need hair plugs, but it obviously affected my work. I would be stressed out until the task was completed. Working in a linear fashion, doing one thing at a time and striving to have my desk completely cleared when I hung my shingle up for the weekend was a poor work habit. Even if that meant working the entire weekend. I wanted a clear fresh desk Monday morning, without lingering business from the previous week. Good idea, poor execution and really not practical at all. Juggling so many hats as a self-employed person dictates working on things as they happen in as an efficient a way as possible. I know this and in fact I practiced this a lot. Can’t really explain why I thought one way and worked another.

During my studio days when I had a business problem or client issue requiring a decision on my part I wanted those decisions to happen in a linear order and within my time frame. When I had to delay decision, I went into stress mode and made myself a bit crazy. I work from home now (in a separate office), more relaxed and dealing with things based on their importance and deadline. I’ve found that by working this way I provide myself with more time to think about how to go about accomplishing the tasks at hand. I’m more efficient and better able to get results out of the people I am dealing with whether they are clients or service providers. It also helps to have a beautiful and engaging yard with fruit trees, a vegetable garden and several spots to just sit and enjoy nature and the amazing light filling the yard throughout the day.

I truly am blessed these days.

See ya!

Brooks Institute

Winery in Hunter Valley, Australia

Winery in Hunter Valley, Australia

I was asked to teach PHO205, the intermediate location lighting class for the Visual Journalism program at Brooks Institutes’ Ventura campus. I taught continuously from May, 2003 until the end of February of 2008. Low enrollment numbers meant some adjunct faculty were not offered classes to teach.

Originally hired as the Photoshop Guru for the Ventura campus, my duties evolved into working with lower division students to help them understand in-camera reflective metering, color temperature theory, additive and subtractive color theory, ttl flash and manual flash. And of course a bit of Photoshop here and there.

I figured the time off would give me time to finish my book, redo my website start this blog and rebuild my Los Angeles based business. Which it did. I also hooked up with studioarts.com as one of their Photoshop experts. Life is good. The world isn’t so hot.

I’m fortunate to have what I have and continue to appreciate my life in new ways. In addition to running the PHO205 class again in Ventura, I am also sitting in on a class in Santa Barbara. Called Digital Fusion it is about digital color correction, color management and CMYK conversions and printing. At the end of the course each student will end up with 700 high-end professional promo pieces of their own design.

How cool it that? There may be room on the press for yours truly to get in on the action. Say what you will about Brooks but I like the place. I am well compensated for my efforts, some good people work there and of course the students. The best is receiving unsolicited emails from past students who have embraced the lessons of my classes and applied them successfully. Getting hugs from grateful current students and phone calls asking for help always make it a great day for me.

Glad to be back.