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Remnants on Display


Next week I’ll be attending the opening of a group show that I’m part of at the offices of IDA in Culver City, CA. The show opens April 19 at 6pm. Stop by if you’re in the area and we’ll have a toast:

8440 Warner Drive, Suite A1
Culver City, CA 90232

3 pieces were selected and I of course am thrilled at seeing my personal art form on public display. This isn’t the first public showing I’ve had for Remnants but it will be the most visible.

IDA is a busy design studio with many people moving in and out during the week and I look forward to connecting with folks who are attracted to my particular vision.

It doesn’t stop there either. I have a book out on the subject and maybe I’ll make a sale or two….

All in all a part of any artists’ plan should be to get the work out and have it seen by as large an audience as possible.

The journey continues…


Almost Anything can be the Subject of a Photograph

This is a 3D scan from a tiny subject

As some of you know from my Facebook posts, we have an owl living in one of our palm trees. This owl is prolific in the amount of pellets that have fallen to the ground. As weird as it sounds, I’ve been collecting them for my fine art series: Remnants. The two images above are from different individuals but the same type of creature. I think it’s a mouse as the skull is under an inch in length.

For me almost anything is worthy of being a photographic subject and to further my point on my radio show’s Fan Page is an image I built last evening in darkness, a high ISO and a long shutter speed.


This is what you’ll see at the exhibition of my new show. Opening this Saturday evening October 2 from 5-7 pm at the Altadena Public library. Hope some of you will stop by. Dinner at my home afterwards.


My Proposed Layout For My New Show

Help Yourself By Being Interviewed

The view from my son's tree house

Do you realize how many sites looking are looking for content only the wonderfulness of you can provide? I have been highly motivated during my career to get the word out about me and my photography talents: direct mail, phone calls, sales calls and presentations. That morphed into voicemail, email and websites. The current trend is to give away some of your “stuff” via webinars, blogs and teleseminars. These gestures give potential clients the proverbial lick from your ice cream cone. If they lick and like then they may bite. And this means new awareness for you and what you offer and possibly you’ll be able to turn that awareness into sales.

If hosting your own webinar series is too scary to contemplate there is also another way: sites that will interview you because you are the expert in your field or at the very least you are good at what you do and have something to offer others in the way of advice by relating your experiences, both good and bad. I took that approach with my book and since it’s release I’ve been doing interviews, public appearances and podcasts! Very cool stuff.

Jitzul is just one of the websites willing to interview you about being a creative professional. Take advantage of what Ryan and Alicia are offering, an online archive of the experiences of artists the world over. When the interview is over you can link to it, send others (potential clients) to listen and perhaps people looking to know more about you will see the link in their search engine results. If you’re selected, listen to some of the others already on the site and practice your diction, articulation and think about how thoughtful your answers and commentary can be.

Good luck!


Exciting Things Are Happening!

From a session with my son Nat.

From a session with my son, Nat.

Well it’s finished, my first manuscript has been sent off to my editor for another (and hopefully final) round of edits and suggestions. I signed a contract with Rocky Nook in November of 2006 after several months of negotiations and shortly after my dad passed. Truthfully I was in a fog for several months after his passing but finally got to assembling my notes about a year later. I spent eight months of 2008 writing and rewriting my thoughts about the creative process of artists, some of my experiences being self-employed and several anecdotal stories from my thirty-year career. This is not a book about f/stops and shutter speeds but more an exploration of how I arrive at the creative decisions that drive my work. Check out some of my portraits at CyberStern.com and if you like what you see you may like what I have to say about the creative process that gets me to the point where I make the types of images I do. The book includes a DVD loaded with images, Photoshop tutorials and other information plus a few small movies from a documentray shot during a shoot that I break down in the chapter about compositing. I plan to update the DVD Photoshop tutorials on a regular basis so you have the opportunity to keep some of the DVD material current. The book should be out in mid-summer, 2009.

I have a new agent Wendi Kaminski and we are launching a new marketing campaign tomorrow, the 5th of May. This initial email campaign is incredible. The announcement is sent out using a technique called throttling which controls the rate of dissemination, so it makes the anti-spam folks happy. The service we are using tracks how many were sent, how many were opened, who opened them, when they opened them, if they desire to opt out and if they clicked through to Wendi’s site. Very good information to have for tracking results. It’s new for me. I’ve waited long enough looking for motivation to get back into the game (I’ve been teaching a lot) and this seemed like as good a time as any.

I love teaching and while I still shoot commercially, my desire is to shoot more. Well I’ve taken the plunge and I am expecting great things to happen.

In the meantime, I’m working on a few new online and in-class teaching opportunities and I’ve applied for a fellowship to continue my work on Remnants.

As I said exciting things are happening, what about you?