Slightly Deep Thoughts…..

Random Thoughts_02

Random thoughts went cruising through my mind and after they parked and were eating, I felt they wouldn’t mind if I shared some of them with you:

Your work should be a true reflection of self.

Keep yourself relevant in the marketplace.

Inhale = Belief

Exhale = Doubt

Teaching makes me stronger because I am in service to others while honoring my own creativity.

I’m always looking for new challenges which often results in a sacrifice of steady money but I do this because I become easily bored.

I am at my weakest when I feel sorry for myself.

When someone purchases your service, it’s the ultimate compliment and validation of your thought processes and life course. Good for you.

Life is not about avoiding the storms but rather learning how to dance in the rain.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, and if that doesn’t work, add a bit of vodka, find a comfortable place to sit and relax.

Success is a daily grind.

Success is a daily ritual.

Success is a daily practice.

Success is a daily breathing exercise.

Well that’s it for now, they packed up the kids and are off again.

’till next time….


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