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CIDH Construction

December 6-7, 2019 Drilling All Night Long One of the absolute joys of my life as a professional photographer is when I'm commissioned to photograph something I haven’t seen before. I…

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Hyper Lapse & Time Lapse: Tools, Definitions & Examples

Time lapse is the art form I cultivate

In order to create better collaboration between creative and business types, I’ve put together this list of time lapse definitions with accompanying examples when appropriate. Although there exist some differences from the norm, for the most part these definitions are common and familiar within the time lapse and motion picture industries.

I hope you find this informative, invaluable and motivating enough to call me to discuss your pie-in-sky project. Hello? 818-422-0696…

The following definitions are common. If the definition is one I’ve come up with vs. what is commonly used, I’ll let you know with a • before the definition  While there are some truisms, rules are made to be adapted by the creator and that’s part of what you’re buying from a professional time lapse director/producer/photographer: a willingness to jump off the deep end for the sake of the project.


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Well Hung Hardware 2

In the previous post, “Well Hung Hardware”, I blogged and showed how I hang a variety time lapse rigs used for short and long term assignments. The reaction was very positive and I decided to add to the collection:

This one I call Spidey.

Gorilla Pods are great for the odd situation.
Gorilla Pods are great for the odd situation. But you have to rig it pointing down for stability. The sequence lasted about 45 minutes.


I really like my Syrp Genie and Lil’ Mule so why not put them together? The sequence is sweet but you’ll have to wait for the video to post….

That's a 12 volt lead acid battery for powering the 6 rpm motor. The weights add stability.
That’s a 12 volt lead acid battery for powering the 6 rpm motor. The weights add stability.



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Well Hung Hardware

Time lapse photography is very hot right now and I’m grateful for the amount of commissioned work that’s come my way on a steady basis. My clientele have been generous, supportive and appreciative of the stories I’ve produced for them.

On most set ups, I take BTS snappers of my camera rigs. These photographs are used for reference and for the many talks I give on shooting commercial time lapse assignments.

C-stands, Gorilla Pods, Magic Arms, adjustable A-Clamps, segmented tubes, sandbags, apple boxes and tripods are fair game, especially when I have to rig in odd, out-of-way places: on scaffolding, attached to structural beams, wrapped around tree trunks, setting on soft earth or resting on rocks and boulders.

So without further ado, here’s a rogues gallery of my hanging hardware…

Moving cameras along a vertical axis requires a 27:1 stepper motor.
Moving cameras along a vertical axis requires a 27:1 stepper motor. Real power for driving up and down in a controlled fashion.


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Experiment with Time Lapse Editing

I’m enamored with time lapse and all that is has offered me the past three years. Here’s a snappy little PIP project for you. (picture in-a-picture effect)

I was giving a talk at the Apple Store in Santa Monica a few weeks ago and since it was not practical to bring all the gear I wanted to for the talk, the next best thing was to time lapse my favorite motion control device in its’ place. The TB3 from eMotimo in combination with the Dynamic Perception Stage 0 Dolly, two mefoto tripods, a li-on battery from Anker and a sandbag are what I use to create my signature motion effects.


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