Business Building Part 1

My homage to Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

In part one of this post will I explain one of the more successful methods I use to get new work. This method generates sales leads and teaching assignments for me and it’s my pleasure to explain it here. I will first lay out the path and then provide the details: 1) Working in my local school district (1999-2005) as a vocational education instructor. 2) Join the Los Angeles County Office of Education. 3) Taking advantage of LACOE complimentary professional development programs. 4) Attending one such program in 2008 and 5) Receiving a complimentary membership in the Printing Industries Association of Southern California as a result. 6) Attending a complimentary webinar by the PIASC’s sister association, the Printing Industries of Northern California. 7) Engaging the owner of the company putting on the webinar. 8) Offering my services to teach photography related programs for her online company. 9) Being accepted, the first classes roll out in June.

I set a goal to hook up with an online learning company a couple of years ago and although it took a bit longer than I expected (can we say recession?), I have arrived at my destination. I recently joined forces with I will be their photography curriculum director and trainer. As stated previously, our first classes roll out in June. The deliberate steps I took were always with the goal in mind of acquiring teaching work. I apply this same technique when securing photography work and as of this writing, I have 5 teaching assignment offers from 5 institutions on my plate.

Part 2 to follow……

Michael Stern

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