Experiment with Time Lapse Editing

I’m enamored with time lapse and all that is has offered me the past three years. Here’s a snappy little PIP project for you. (picture in-a-picture effect)


I was giving a talk at the Apple Store in Santa Monica a few weeks ago and since it was not practical to bring all the gear I wanted to for the talk, the next best thing was to time lapse my favorite motion control device in its’ place. The TB3 from eMotimo in combination with the Dynamic Perception Stage 0 Dolly, two mefoto tripods, a li-on battery from Anker and a sandbag are what I use to create my signature motion effects.

After a week or so of thinking about how to pull off what was in my head, I viewed a few tutorials, read a few forum posts and talked to my friend and expert in video editing, Frank Salle to get my idea refined.

I’m taking an After Effects class from an industry icon, Ben Bardens. That’s where I came up with the branding logo on the front end. The chickens at the end sound right to me and are part of my branding sound.

More to come as I move forward with ideas, techniques and talent…


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