Be it indoors or out, demolition, grading or construction, when I’m hired to produce your time lapse film, there are two things on my mind: data collection and data management.

Granted there are four sub-sections inside the two and that’s the purpose of this article, to flesh out exactly what needs to happen to do it right:

1)     Fixed Camera
2)    Aerial Video
3)    Rover Days
4)    Post-Production


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I tell stories about how things get built…

Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project

I was called to work on the Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project last May and every so often they reach out to ask me to install various cameras at selected sites to record the process of building the “Century Bridge.”

This latest time lapse depicts 30 days of work on the pile caps. The piles are the underground bridge supports. The pile caps are built on top of the piles and are the structures the overhead roadway will eventually attach to.

The challenge of this particular time lapse was locating and installing the two camera systems. They were attached to two temporary platforms attached to two temporary light poles overlooking the yard where the work took place. Double-strapped for safety, these custom built mounting platforms rock!

Solar-powered and double strapped for safty. OSHA anyone?

The poles were in excess of 40′ in height and being temporary, they swayed during the shoot. No problem as the back and forth movement was addressed during post-production. The software tool is called warp stabilization. The software is After Effects. Great name, eh?


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