5 Things To Do That Will Screw Up A Sale

It's dog eat dog out here.....

As the owner of this blog it’s my responsibility to keep adding relevant information and helpful tips for SECP’s. I’m often concerned about running out of topics and then as if according to script, a gem falls out of the sky and plops into my head. Today was just such a day.

I will begin teaching a new class at LAAFA beginning in early July. As part of the preparation I offered to research what type of camera the school should buy for its’ students. I chose as my default store one of the largest and oldest in town. I’ve had an account there since 1979 and know the owner personally and have conducted a lot of business directly with him. So it was easy for me to go there first. But I didn’t want to bother him so I went to the industrial sales department where I spoke with a salesperson whom I know from previous transactions. After a brief exchange, I hung up the phone and have taken my business elsewhere.

Following are the reasons this experienced and capable salesperson blew it:

1)  Asking how I am but not really interested in my answer. Don’t ask if you won’t listen to the answer, after all it’s a sales call. Trust me to keep my answer brief. It behooves a salesperson to do that, trust the customer.

2)  Listen to my set up of the situation. I prepare a few comments about my situation so you (the salesperson) will have a better understanding of my request about products, availability and cost.

3)  I want to buy from you otherwise I wouldn’t call. Don’t even think about taking another call in the middle of ours. If you must take a call then ask my permission first, my time is valuable and I don’t want to waste it. Neither should you.

4)  Don’t assume you know everything about my inquiry, let me fully explain first. (Sometimes the best selling is listening.) As I was about to ask what the cost to purchase 5 cameras would be, she interrupted and said she didn’t have anything to do with teaching. I said you haven’t heard my request yet. I gave her one last chance and repeated that she should really hear what my request is before cutting me off. She repeated her statement that she didn’t have anything to do with teaching. Dumb answer and her arrogance cut her off from the sale. The crazy thing is, we know each other. I wasn’t some knucklehead calling out of the blue.

5)  I said thank you and hung up. She didn’t even offer or try to redirect me to someone else. She knew what she knew and that was that. Problem for her is that she didn’t really know (or seem to care) and her competition is now getting the business. Not a good thing when your job is to complete sales opportunities not destroy them.



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