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Hello folks, how is everybody? Things are picking up; my first book will be in stores early next month (pre-sales have exceeded expectations), my rep Wendi and I are lining up speaking engagements and I’m actively searching out sponsorships. As part of my consulting business, I’m working with a green paper manufacturer to produce custom profiles of their papers. I landed a large print order this week with another even larger one coming in soon (I hope!). Next Friday I’m speaking at a small fine art school about how to photograph artwork, lighting objects and people. And I’ve been asked to come back to Brooks Institute to teach one of my favorite classes, VIS200, an introductory photography class for graphic design students. It’s all very exciting.

But the thing I’m really excited about is the volunteer project I’m doing next Thursday the 22nd at Women At Work. I’ll be donating (giving back) a day of my time to help others by shooting professional headshots of anyone who signs up and can prove they are job searching or have been laid off. No other strings attached. They come in have their headshots taken, I retouch here and there and send them the file. They can use it for whatever reason they wish. The idea came from a fellow in Philly (who did something similar) but I’m taking the idea a bit further while being the first one to do this on the west coast. We’ve sent out a news release and I have a video crew coming in to document the day. The exciting thing about the video crew is that it’s two current Brooks students who took an intermediate lighting class from me last year. In class they showed real potential and enthusiasm over the course of the semester, asking questions, reshooting assignments (to learn more) and participated in discussions, took critiques in the spirit they were intended and supported their fellow students. A couple of real gems. I am thrilled and honored they have volunteered to help on this great day.

So, I’m helping others less fortunate than myself, two students volunteer for a real world scenario, Women At Work gets a pr boost and I’m promoting my business in an innovative way.

Everybody wins on this day.

What are you doing?

Michael Stern

My work depicts, appreciates and honors the people who build. Their specialized equipment and stunning challenges are marvels I behold and get paid to interpret. Hope you enjoy this site.

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