The Process Of Becoming Successful Is Success Itself

Building a career is a process

Catchy title isn’t it? Catchy titles garner attention and I use them to get peoples’ attention. After they have paid attention, I begin the process of selling myself. This creates networks of new people who get to know me and in my established networks the members of those communities get to know me better. This translates into more interesting opportunities, more interesting work and ultimately more revenue streams. The process of becoming successful creates success because it brings me peace of mind and moves me closer to my goals.

All the positive, compassionate and helpful things a self-employed creative professional (SECP) does on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and career basis to support him/herself and to continue to work independently, in my mind can be classified as success. Add into this mix a family life, home ownership, wealth creation, wealth management, health issues, etc., etc., etc., and you’d be in your right mind to be impressed at the importance each little step has for a SECP.

It takes more than money to live life well, enjoy the process, you’re building a career.

Michael Stern

My work depicts, appreciates and honors the people who build. Their specialized equipment and stunning challenges are marvels I behold and get paid to interpret. Hope you enjoy this site.

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