The Shin Bone Is Connected To All

Looks Like.......

Network. Make connections. Hand out cards. Meet people. Talk. Follow up. Blah, blah, blah. Oy! It’s enough to make you want to go work for somebody else, take their guff and not have to schmooze. Just grab the booze and drift through your life. A lot of people did just this back in the day. But that’s not us is it?

No matter how you slice it, it’s all about connections and how well one tends relationships. Case in point. My wife and I were invited to a birthday party hosted by Sandra Tsing-Loh and Frier McCollister at their home around the corner from us in Garfield Heights. They actually rented our guest house for most of last year and bought a short-sale house (thank you financial meltdown) when it became available. Great kitchen and porches. Anyway we were a bit surprised to be on the guest list but Sandra thought we would be a good addition to the mix. Being around the corner, we didn’t have to worry about drinking and driving but on the walk home we notice the streets seemed slanted?

There were a number of successful artists present: actors, writers, poets, a producer, a conductor and a city official. I met them all. We ate. We drank. We talked. We laughed. I wasn’t trying to network at all. I usually network head on every chance I get but I really wanted to party this time: I was completed an assignment that was went south on me and my current tenants gave notice Friday that they were leaving Monday. So I partied on but during the festivities one of the guests mentioned a friend is coming out to LA from NY and needs a small guest house for six months. Bingo! A connection. This woman is the Music Director and Conductor of The Pasadena POPS Orchestra. And we hit it off. I look forward to developing a relationship with Rachael, who knows where this connection will lead. How cool is that? Oh yeah, the photo assignment ended up being OK too.

A tremendous end to a lousy day!

Michael Stern

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