Exciting Things Are Happening Again!

Always Try to Have Foreground Elements, They Add Depth

Two former students are producing a promotional video for me and I will post it on my youtube channel ASAP. I just completed a two-hour Photoshop workshop for a new client today. They liked my workshop presentation and my idea of doing custom video tutorials. The owner of a print shop asked me to collaborate with him on a pitch for new business (with a twist) utilizing a popular online service. I’m going to a four-day marketing boot camp next week in LA, a unique restoration project has landed in my office (a photo that is over 200 years old!), I have an exhibition of new work debuting October 2, I’ve been confirmed for a new workshop at the largest camera store in LA and another technology company has asked me to do a webinar on my compositing workflow.

Some of these adventures will pay money now, some will generate contacts now (and money later) and all of it will help me grow to meet my goals.

What are you all up to?

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