Press Your Advantage

Late afternoon light and Peggy.

Keeping up with a blog is a huge responsibility and one that I take seriously. Looking for topics is ongoing and stressful. Before I head out for a bike ride this morning (to relieve some stress), I realized I had a great topic for a post……

Since my book has been released, I have purchased several dozen copies from my publisher to give away to friends and to sell at speaking engagements. I purchase my book at a discount from my publisher and I then either resell at a profit or give copies away as a promotion. This works fine but even at a discount, plus shipping I’m still out of pocket several hundred dollars for each order I receive. It is a cost of doing business and I do get to deduct the expense, but it’s still real dollars going out right now and if I can minimize this outflow, I should.

Well it just so happens that for whatever reason, Amazon has dropped the price of my book to the point where it behooves me to buy from them instead. Plus, free shipping. How crazy is that? The savings I enjoyed on the order placed this week is substantial and I’ll be doing it again. And since it’s a sale from Amazon, I’ll get my royalties on each book purchased from the publisher. Crazy again!

I not only save money on the purchase price, I make money on the royalties. I am making money on both ends of the transaction. Granted I’m not buying a condo in Maui just yet but it’s the idea that’s important here.

Press your advantage when the opportunity presents itself and you’ll begin to generate multiple profit centers for your business.

Good luck.

Michael Stern

My work depicts, appreciates and honors the people who build. Their specialized equipment and stunning challenges are marvels I behold and get paid to interpret. Hope you enjoy this site.

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