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Part Of My Fine Art Series: REMNANTS

As some of you know, I have a new show opening this Saturday and running the entire month of October. Today I hung the show (yes it’s well hung), and the pieces work well together. I am very pleased with the results. I’m also very pleased with the press coverage. Publicity (especially GOOD FREE publicity) is always welcomed. Getting press coverage once makes it easier to get press coverage the next time and so on. It also makes you an expert in the public mind. A powerful thing to remember and to use for career advancement. SECP’s must always try to do things related to their expertise, must always try to get press coverage and must never give up. The more you do, the more you get. It’s that simple.

To wit: Since its’ release, I’ve been pushing my book to various stores and schools. today I sold three dozen copies to Samy’s Camera in LA. I will sign each copy before delivery and who knows where this will lead. It’s terribly exciting. I’m doing a workshop at Samy’s Santa Ana store in November and you bet I’ll be mentioning that my book is available to everyone who attends the workshop. Everything I do markets my brand to my audience. Exciting times indeed.

That’s it for now.

Michael Stern

My work depicts, appreciates and honors the people who build. Their specialized equipment and stunning challenges are marvels I behold and get paid to interpret. Hope you enjoy this site.

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